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At present time we are the main map publisher in Romania. We print:
   road maps,
   city plans,
   tourist maps,
   wall maps,
   specialized maps,
   personalized maps for any print-runs

Other lines of business:
   distribution of Romanian economic serials -,
   import/export of books and specialty serials.
   we edit the monthly magazine Internet Magazin

Amco Press was established in 1991 as an entirely private-own company, having as main business line subscription services to Romanian serials and the distribution of Romanian books.

We have started the import/export of books and serials in 1994.

In 1995 we have started importing maps and distributing them on the Romanian market.

We have started publishing maps in 1997.

We have created a large distribution network covering the whole country, ensuring a good and immediate visibility of every marketed product.

The distribution for The United States and Canada of the AmcoPress maps is made exclusively by GROUPE INTENDO.


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